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Transport & Education
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  2. Elwood Primary School
  3. Elsternwick Station
  4. Ripponlea Station
  5. No. 67 Tram


Established in 1985, Cleo’s Deli is both a local institution and a connoisseur’s paradise. Premium meats, epicurean cheeses, freshly baked breads and homemade dips are just some of what can be procured here; where it’s nearly impossible to leave without a bag brimming with newly discovered ingredients. Most impressive are Cleo’s gourmet grazing platters - beautifully arranged and positively scrumptious.

Veruca Salt

Unlike the café’s bratty namesake, Veruca Salt on Ormond Rd is all about sweetness. From mixed berry and goat’s cheese pancakes to delicately decorated cupcakes and perfectly stirred cocktails, the eatery is committed to coaxing out the sweet tooth of even the most immovable savoury lover. They have all the brunch crowd-pleasers as well, to be devoured within edgy interiors.


Smoothies, salads, raw treats and super bowls, all as vibrant as the café they’re whipped up in. A wholefoods eatery with origins as a nomadic juice van, Combi presents healthy eating in its most enthralling form. The tables exhibit kaleidoscopic dishes that are almost too beautiful to eat without snapping up a quick photo first. The interiors are beachy and eclectic, much like the inside of a kombi van.